Appearing now!! Heavily laden advent calenders laced with deep rich sweeties, chocolate, candy, caramels, gum, lollipops, pastilles and praline. Parents, siblings  and grandparents dig deep into pockets to ensure all wee darlings are provided with ‘goodies’ to line tummies, but which also pile on weight and erode growing teeth. Advent is a season when the food industry perfect their marketing techniques to fatten us up and they do it very well! Advent chocolates pave the way for the Christmas feasting of selection boxes, bags of miniatures and giant bars all wrapped up in shiny colours with happy smiling characters.   

In the past, the five weeks before Christmas was associated with several days of fasting thus providing even more reason to welcome Christmas warmth and cheer. This advent we are all somewhat jaded with news of health and ill health and finding ways to brighten the world are much need. For many people trying something different at advent is challenging but there are some lovely creative ideas around to help us move away from the cultural expectation of sugary shots. 

In a world where you can be anything… be kind 😊

  1. Cottonball Countdown for Christmas

This crafty idea needs only paper, pen, cottonballs and glue. During each day of advent, stick a cottonball onto Santa’s chin and watch his beard grow! By Christmas Eve Santa will have a full beard, and be ready to get on with his busy evening ahead!

2. Pop the kettle on – Countdown to Christmas with tea

Plum spice, apple and cinnamon, cranberry, winter berry… who doesn’t like tea? Tea advents are a healthy, and arguably more tasty alternative to chocolate – perfect for those who enjoy cosying up with a warm mug of herbal happiness. 

Image credit: Pinterest claireabellemakes 

3. Brighten up each day

Try an advent candle rather than an advent calendar and fill your home with a warm winter glow. It’s something all the family can enjoy, ‘whose turn is it to light the candle today?’

4. The Reverse advent calendar

We have been seeing an increase in the popularity of the Giving/Reverse advent calendar. Foodbank have a great one we have shared here, but feel free to take inspiration and make your own or create for a loved one.

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5. One for the wee ones

Advent is exciting and magical for little people. Create a personalised calendar for them to enjoy… whether that is a particular toy, pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or a scavenger hunt – HAVE FUN

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