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The availability of large food portions may be an important contributor in promoting excessive calorie intake. Of course this impacts on the likelihood of developing excess body weight and obesity related diseases including 13 types of cancer. 

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WCRF grant call now open

At World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) we are dedicated to funding research into cancer prevention and survival through diet, weight and physical activity. We are pleased to announce that our Regular Grant Programme 2019/2020 cycle is now accepting applications.

Our latest cancer prevention report, Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspectiveidentified some knowledge gaps and areas where further research is this field is needed. Our grant programme is focusing on four of these research areas, therefore we especially welcome projects proposing to study:

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#EatingOutWithKids – A Granny’s perspective

Growth in childhood matters. It impacts on health through to adulthood and impacts on cancer risk. What children eat matters and how we support good eating matters. It matters what gets marketed, promoted and offered. We have much less control than we would like. This month we set out some experiences that show the challenges when #eatingoutwithkids

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Man to Man : on weight loss

Most of us aren’t carrying excess weight through choice – but in the modern world of 24/7 food availability, oversized portions and an abundance of tasty, cheap treats, it’s become normal. Lots of us don’t really know what to do and how to go about it, yet with the right support and motivation men can, and do lose weight. Though us guys are less likely to diet than women, there’s good evidence to suggest that when we do set our minds to it, we’re more successful!

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Here comes summer…with a warning!

It’s cold outside just now. But the days are getting longer and lighter. Thoughts will be turning to the joys of outdoor activities including (possibly unhealthy and alcoholic) barbeques and sun bathing. Also at this time of year, many book their summer holidays in warmer climes, looking forward to rest and relaxation in the sun. Maybe some lucky ones are going abroad for Easter. Continue reading “Here comes summer…with a warning!”

In a world where you can be anything …. Be kind

Commercial marketing has sold us that warm glow of pleasure associated with beautiful boxes of chocolates, magnificent bubbly and exciting biscuit assortments. Now we can show our appreciation, our respect and our love in all sort of calorific ways and reflect later on whether it matters.

It matters.

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GLOBOCAN Report – with global cancer incidence projections continuing to rise, the time to act is now!

In Scotland cancer incidence is projected to increase by 33.5% rising from 153,000 cases in 2008-12 to over 204,000 cases in the years 2023-27.  While much of this increase is attributed to an ageing population it is imperative that we too recognise the significant, and very real, impact of lifestyles on these increasing figures. The evidence has shown that more than 30% of cancer diagnoses could be avoided by lifestyle change. Continue reading “GLOBOCAN Report – with global cancer incidence projections continuing to rise, the time to act is now!”

The enduring power of the stereotypical idea of the alcoholic.

Jim McCambridge, Professor of Addictive Behaviours and Public Health, University of York asks us (in a very timely manner) to stop and think about problem drinking. Continue reading “The enduring power of the stereotypical idea of the alcoholic.”

Open your fridge- the rough guide to healthy eating (and drinking) and your #healthyshelfie

There is no doubt that if you really want a quick check on the diet of a household just open the fridge door and look inside …. Continue reading “Open your fridge- the rough guide to healthy eating (and drinking) and your #healthyshelfie”

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