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Advent – a time for looking forward to healthy, happy days ahead

Appearing now!! Heavily laden advent calenders laced with deep rich sweeties, chocolate, candy, caramels, gum, lollipops, pastilles and praline. Parents, siblings  and grandparents dig deep into pockets to ensure all wee darlings are provided with ‘goodies’ to line tummies, but which also pile on weight and erode growing teeth. Advent is a season when the food industry perfect their marketing techniques to fatten us up and they do it very well! Advent chocolates pave the way for the Christmas feasting of selection boxes, bags of miniatures and giant bars all wrapped up in shiny colours with happy smiling characters.   

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Christmas kindness counts #AlternativeAdvent

The countdown to Christmas day seems to start earlier each year and marketing messages seducing us to purchase goodies and gifts are well and truly out to get us. Food Standards Scotland have given us a lens on marketing of (discretionary) snack foods report which is scary enough, but Christmas must be the promotion pinnacle of the year!

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Healthy Festive Gifts and Giving




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