Dark nights, short days, somewhat jaded Christmas feelings and no desire to look backward through 2020 and what might have been? We asked some SCPN supporters to tell us what they look forward to in 2021 and beyond. There are bright horizons ahead – small things, dreams and positive ideas whatever the world throws at us.

The first guest to share her thoughts is Elspeth Banks – a tireless patient rep who has guided, informed and joined SCPN in many activities. 

If music be the food of love… it also promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. How I have missed live concerts, opera and theatre in 2020. Being at all sorts of events with those who mean most to me – my husband, family members and groups of friends. The anticipation beforehand – looking forward to the return of a favourite conductor, that certain aria that melts my heart or the thrill of seeing a play that has had rave reviews. I smile, I cry. I laugh. A great experience lifts my spirits and makes me feel that I can cope with whatever life throws at me. A positive outlook is so important and impacts on who I am and what I do.

Watching and listening within the confines of my home is all very well and I am grateful to those who have provided some virtual events to enjoy. However, in the end there is nothing to beat being there and sharing the experience with other like-minded people. 

I am fortunate that I play the piano and have been able to remind myself of what I love about Bach, Beethoven and the Beatles! Regular song and dance sessions with my little grandchildren has also been fun and has provided a fun way to exercise both body and vocal chords.

Here’s to a return being able to applaud our wonderful musicians and actors in 2021 and to that long-awaited boost to our wellbeing!