Who We Are

The Scottish Cancer Prevention Network are committed to getting the word about cancer prevention out to individuals, health professionals, policy makers and government. We want to let everyone know what they can do to stack the odds against developing cancer through lifestyle choices. It’s not enough for individuals to attempt to change, but health professionals, cancer charities and other agencies with an interest in this field – should be informed about the latest research on how to support that change; and policy makers and government have a role to play in ensuring our environment and legislative structures enable change rather than inhibit it.

We promote action for cancer prevention by hosting workshops and conferences, disseminating news on recent research, initiatives and events through our website, newsletters, social media platforms – and here, on the SCPN Blog.

Our Aims

  • To raise awareness of the links between diet, physical activity, obesity, and UV exposure, and the development of cancer, in relation to both primary prevention, and in cancer survivors.
  • To create support for public health action, from all sectors of the community, so that prevention activities are embraced in every aspect of cancer control planning.
  • To support research and dissemination activities related to lifestyle and cancer risk reduction.
  • To undertake advocacy work aimed at increasing action by the private, public and voluntary sectors to reduce cancer related behaviours whilst fully embracing issues around health inequalities.
  • To support ongoing work around tobacco-control, alcohol reduction and environmental exposures, related to cancer in Scotland.

For more information about the SCPN Blog, including our contributors, visit ‘Explore SCPNBlog‘.

You can find out more about the SCPN on our website: www.cancerpreventionscotland.org.uk.

The SCPN is supported by the Scottish Cancer Foundation, a registered charity in Scotland (No. SC028300). Visit www.scottishcancerfoundation.org.uk for more information.