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FIT – a little goes a long way

Faecal immunochemical tests for haemoglobin (FIT) are now used in asymptomatic bowel screening programmes and also in assessment of patients presenting with lower bowel symptoms.  FIT specimen collection devices have a stick attached to the cap of the tube: this stick has dimples or grooves near the end to collect the correct amount of faeces. Our instructions are simple, namely, “dip the end of the stick into your poo” and “scrape the end of the stick along the sample”, and have pictures of exactly what sample is required. However, many seem surprised at how little faeces is collected, only 2 mg in the FIT used in Scotland for both clinical purposes.  Interestingly, some assume that more must be better and do try very hard to give a little (or a lot) extra in the device!  To date, very little attention has been paid to this aspect of FIT.  Recently, however, a very relevant paper has been published.1

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Scottish Bowel Screening programme – reflections 10 years on

The Scottish Bowel Screening programme is over ten years old. Scotland was the first country in the world to introduce systematic screening for bowel cancer and the first in the UK to offer testing to people aged 50. Lots of lessons have been learned along the way including how to improve the screening test and uptake.

Here are some reflections on current screening from Professor Bob Steele….

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MOVE MORE, Scotland

There are an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, a figure that is projected to rise to 4 million by 2030.1

Physical activity can benefit patients at all stages of the cancer care pathway. Keeping active can improve survival rates, help maintain quality of life, improve sleep, have mental health benefits, reduce fatigue and risk of falls.2 In some cases, being physically active has been shown to slow disease progression, improve survival and reduce the chance of recurrence.3 Continue reading “MOVE MORE, Scotland”

New Year – new ideas #Dontpinkmydrink

Alcohol is everywhere. Whether we want to drink or not we are surrounded by constant prompts that alcohol should be part of our life, and never more so when it comes to celebrations and gift giving. Continue reading “New Year – new ideas #Dontpinkmydrink”

A community Polycrub scheme

Note from the Editor

Increasingly, communities are recognising the value of gardening as a route for increasing physical activity, getting fresh air, distraction from life’s challenges, social interaction and taking positive action towards a more plant based diet. Several trials1,2 are now underway on the benefits of gardening for cancer survivors as well as the general population. The North of Scotland may seem inhospitable to all year round gardening but where there is a will there is clearly a way …. Continue reading “A community Polycrub scheme”

Building momentum: lessons on implementing a robust sugar sweetened beverage tax

Sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) taxes get a lot of media coverage. This is in part because they are building momentum globally – to date, 45 jurisdictions around the world have implemented an SSB tax and 42% of these have been put in place since 1 January 2017 – and also because they face strong opposition. Governments seeking to implement an SSB tax need to be ready to defend the design of their tax against this opposition. Continue reading “Building momentum: lessons on implementing a robust sugar sweetened beverage tax”

Here comes summer…with a warning!

It’s cold outside just now. But the days are getting longer and lighter. Thoughts will be turning to the joys of outdoor activities including (possibly unhealthy and alcoholic) barbeques and sun bathing. Also at this time of year, many book their summer holidays in warmer climes, looking forward to rest and relaxation in the sun. Maybe some lucky ones are going abroad for Easter. Continue reading “Here comes summer…with a warning!”

In a world where you can be anything …. Be kind

Commercial marketing has sold us that warm glow of pleasure associated with beautiful boxes of chocolates, magnificent bubbly and exciting biscuit assortments. Now we can show our appreciation, our respect and our love in all sort of calorific ways and reflect later on whether it matters.

It matters.

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GLOBOCAN Report – with global cancer incidence projections continuing to rise, the time to act is now!

In Scotland cancer incidence is projected to increase by 33.5% rising from 153,000 cases in 2008-12 to over 204,000 cases in the years 2023-27.  While much of this increase is attributed to an ageing population it is imperative that we too recognise the significant, and very real, impact of lifestyles on these increasing figures. The evidence has shown that more than 30% of cancer diagnoses could be avoided by lifestyle change. Continue reading “GLOBOCAN Report – with global cancer incidence projections continuing to rise, the time to act is now!”

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