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Thinking Scottish – thinking alcohol

Alcohol consumption as a cause of cancer is clear. SHAAP present some stark figures in their latest update on alcohol and cancer with some good guidance on how health professionals can raise this topic in conversation. There is no one single way to decrease alcohol intake… Raising awareness, education and advice can be helpful – we all have a role to play. 

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A Not So Scary Halloween

Spooked by the thought of your children bringing home masses of sugary sweets this Halloween? Or worried of tricking yourself into having one too many unhealthy treats? What are the lasting memories we want our children to have of Halloween……the sweet filled stomach ache they are likely to get or the fun times with family and friends playing games and taking part in annual Halloween traditions.

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We Meat Again: Why Interpretation Matters

Susannah Brown is Head of Research Evidence and Interpretation at World Cancer Research Fund, here she shares her thoughts on the latest red and processed meat debate. You can follow her on Twitter @SusannahBrown_

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) stands by the abundant evidence showing the health risks of red and processed meat and continue to recommend that reducing consumption of red meat to 350–500g per week and eating little, if any, processed meat, in combination with our other Recommendations, is best for cancer prevention. We believe the recent NutriRECS publication claiming most people do not need to reduce or moderate how much red and processed meat they eat has the potential to harm public health efforts by confusing the public and downplaying the clear risks that eating too much red and processed meat pose.

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Scotland – land of the generous (pro)portions

Hospitality doesn’t have to mean being over generous. Encouraging over eating is unkind to the 65% of adults in Scotland who live with excess body fat … many of whom face a daily struggle to walk away from large portions, alluring promotions and every day, every place offerings of calorie dense foods. Being overweight and obesity increases risk for 13 cancer types and yet all around there are superb attempts to get us to eat more and more.

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The availability of large food portions may be an important contributor in promoting excessive calorie intake. Of course this impacts on the likelihood of developing excess body weight and obesity related diseases including 13 types of cancer. 

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#EatingOutWithKids – babies and toddlers

Feeding babies and toddlers matters! Breast feeding for the first six months of life (and beyond!) is important for cancer risk reduction. All foods and drinks consumed will impact on healthy growth in infancy and future disease risk throughout childhood and beyond. But, even the most diligent parent, carers and grandparents will be challenged to feed little ones well when eating out and about …and that included babies and toddlers. This guest blog from Dr Helen Crawley (First Steps Nutrition) is the final in our series on eating out with children (see others: from a granny, a mother and a father)  and reminds us that challenges with the catering environment start young.

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WCRF grant call now open

At World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) we are dedicated to funding research into cancer prevention and survival through diet, weight and physical activity. We are pleased to announce that our Regular Grant Programme 2019/2020 cycle is now accepting applications.

Our latest cancer prevention report, Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspectiveidentified some knowledge gaps and areas where further research is this field is needed. Our grant programme is focusing on four of these research areas, therefore we especially welcome projects proposing to study:

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#EatingOutWithKids – A Father’s perspective

I ordered a kids sandwich for my two year old in a well known Northumbrian cafe last month and this is what arrived.

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#EatingOutWithKids – A mothers perspective

Eating out was once a special treat – but in today’s busy society we find ourselves consuming food away from home more often. With evidence showing that eating at food outlets, leisure places and “on the go” are associated with less healthy food choices than eating at home – how as parents do we tackle the diverse landscape of children’s food? [1]

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