In Scotland, every year around 4,700 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. Raising awareness of breast cancer is key to achieving Breast Cancer Now’s vision that by 2050, everyone diagnosed with breast cancer will live and be supported to live well. To improve survival rates, people with breast cancer must be diagnosed as early as possible, when the chances of successful treatment are at their highest. 

One approach the charity has taken is through the delivery of their Public Health talks programme. These talks are delivered virtually, by Public Health volunteers, and cover important information about breast cancer, including: key facts and figures, breast awareness, signs and symptoms and the myths and misconceptions associated with developing the disease.  

Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month volunteers have been kept busy delivering online talks, championing the charities work to workplaces and community groups across the UK.  

Breast Cancer Now volunteer, Edinburgh

I am passionate about raising awareness of breast cancer and cannot emphasise enough the importance of early detection. I was always breast aware and did check myself regularly, but when I was diagnosed, I was shocked to discover that many of my friends didn’t – partly because they didn’t know how to.  I wanted to encourage people to get into the habit of checking and be confident in what to look and feel for. I find it hugely satisfying to see how much people appreciate me sharing my experience.’

The Scottish Cancer Prevention network works with charities like Breast Cancer Now to raise awareness of breast cancer and promote preventative lifestyles.

If you are interested in finding out more email or to book a Public Health talk visit Breast Cancer Now’s website.