We asked SCPN friends and advisors to tell us about a report/paper/findings/work on cancer screening and prevention that has been published this year and has made them stop and think. The works span a wide range of areas from very detailed scientific investigation, reviews of physical activities, and blogs of model work. We find them a complete inspiration. When only 3% of the NCRI research budget is spent on prevention and virtually nil on implementation research; these papers provide a window on some of the very good reasons why cancer screening and prevention should be a leading part of cancer control research.


Fiona McQueen was appointed Chief Nursing Officer in 2015. Professor McQueen joined the Scottish Government as interim Chief Nursing Officer in November 2014 after serving as Executive Nurse Director for NHS Ayrshire and Arran for 15 years. Previously, she was Executive Nurse Director at NHS Lanarkshire.

Fiona’s nominated paper of the year is: Jane Holt (2017) ‘HARP’

Fiona chose this paper because…

“The programme was open to people with many health problems and what struck me was that no matter the reason for encouraging people to lose weight, stop smoking, or increase their physical activity, the body doesn’t much care. The motivation may well have been to stop smoking, eat more healthily in order to breath more easily – but reduced risks of cancer are a wonderful ‘unintended’ consequence. However with so many cancers being lifestyle related, the importance of supporting people to change their opportunity for good health rather than leave it to chance is a message that is we need to convey more clearly. Whatever the motivation, we need to be opportunistic in our approach.”

Read the paper here: https://ahpscot.wordpress.com/2017/10/24/harp/ 

If you experience any difficulties accessing the paper, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at scpn@cancerpreventionscotland.org.uk