I’m now over half a year into my first full time job and I’ve been thinking back to that very first day back in September when I was presented with an adjustable standing desk. I was rather shocked, this was not the office environment I had been expecting! Friends had told me about their workplace, sitting all day, cakes and biscuits galore, chip shop lunches and I thought that sounded great. So I was reluctant to fully embrace the idea of a ‘healthy worksite’ but my attitude quickly changed once I saw my step count was abysmally low!


At lunchtime, after eating a wholemeal sandwich or salad with yogurt and lots of fruit and veggie snacks-no crisps in sight, I’m the first out the door for a brisk 30 minute walk around the Hospital gardens which provides a scenic space to increase your step count! Some days I walk to walk, which easily gives me half the steps needed to achieve my daily goal of 10,000. In the morning I make my porridge using our office kitchen facilities and on Friday’s I use the Hospital pool at lunchtime to take a nice relaxing swim at the end of the working week.


I know how lucky I am to work in an office that’s so health conscious and have staff that are supportive of a healthy lifestyle even at work. Having easy access to facilities that allow me to be physically active through-out the day also helps, but everyone can make little changes that have a huge impact on your health. Speak to your team and managers about investing in standing desks; it makes for a more productive workforce. Or encourage your team to take an afternoon walk outdoors, challenge each other to a step count competition and hide the biscuits and cakes…out of sight out of mind!