•  Always good to get up from your desk and have a stretch, why not have a dance?
  •  Sharing spotify playlists is a great way to connect, if a good tune comes into my head phones that makes me want to move I’ll send it to my friends to inspire them!
  •  Dance breaks are especially good when you are working from home, no one is in and no one is watching, get up and put on a favourite track and have a good old dance, hairbrush karaoke permitted!
  •  I’ve got a big exercise ball at my desk now, great for dancing at your desk.. And I know others in the studio enjoy it to- I keep finding it on the other side of the room.
  •  If you need dance inspiration and feel like having a wiggle, you could always look to popular classics for inspiration.. Macerena, YMCA,
  •  Gifs
  •  If you’re feeling self conscious you could always try some voguing in the mirror 


Clubbing and self-conscious exercisers

Are you self-conscious about exercising in public? Think you’re too old to go clubbing? Well the latest craze to sweep the UK exercise world, Clubbercise, is just for you. Dancing in the dark with disco lights and lasers going, flashing rave glow sticks in hand, you can enjoy your favourite dance anthem from the 90s (and more recent ones) and really let go. Move to Oceanic’s Insanity, Berri’s Sunshine after the Rain or Eric Pryde’s classic Call on Me. The emphasis is very much on having fun but the serious stuff is that you’ll burn up to 600 calories in the hour, tone those muscles and have a really good cardio workout. Even your arms get a good work out waving those glow sticks!


Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 16.52.28


Launched in the UK in 2014, Clubbercise has become huge with around 80,000 people taking classes and more than 2,000 instructors across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Both men and women take part in the classes, aged from 17 to 70. For those who are less able or easing themselves back in to exercise, there are always lower impact options and you are encouraged to take it to your level and enjoy the music.

Find out where your nearest class is at https://www.clubbercise.com/find-a-class