There’s still four days until payday and my, has it been a long month. We’re just about coping with Dry January (but only because we can’t afford booze anyway), feeling sluggish and it’s raining cats and dogs outside. My desperate disco playlist sounds quietly in the background, fighting against the much louder, more aggressive winter storm, as we attempt a tediously slow game of Scrabble in our cramped North London studio flat.


I give up all hope and start melting into my chair as he lays down his second six-letter word across a triple (“Only 81 points” he mutters), when I hear Chic’s crowd-pleasing, game-changing words across the room,
Any time, any place,
Dancing helps relieve the pain.
Soothes your mind, makes you happy again.
Listen to those dancing feet!
Close your eyes and let go!”.
The perfect excuse to end a game I’d lost a long time ago (as with every game of Scrabble I play)! I reach across to the speaker, turn the volume up and begin furiously throwing shapes across the room as Chic chants what we all want to hear: “Everybody dance!”.  He’s forgotten about his score already! He’s on the dancefloor with me, and we’re doing box steps and twirls in unison. After a few repeats of the tune, we’ve mastered a pretty solid routine.

We film it, share it and propose a dance off.


A little boogy goes a long way. We challenge you to try it.