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Sedentary Behaviour

Pomodoro: The Solution to Sedentary Working?

These days, it feels as though we can either be productive or live an active life. It doesn’t seem possible to fit both in to our day. With evidence suggesting that spending long periods of time sitting (independent of physical activity levels) increases cancer risk, it’s about time we became more active. So is there any way we can have the best of both worlds? Well, I’m glad to be the bearer of good news: the Pomodoro writing technique might just be what we are all looking for!

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Time To Think About Our Risky Working Lives

I used to loathe exercise. I hate the competition, the changing into gym kit, the smell, and the enthusiasm of the people with good leg muscles. But one day, when my children were very wee and my two part time jobs were eating away my life, I needed to find something that would keep me sane, and counter-intuitive though it seemed at the time, I joined the Glasgow women’s jogging network. Run 2 minutes, walk 5 for around half an hour in the company of a coach (and other women also bordering on maternal madness).

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