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#ScaledownCancer: How Cancer Research UK is challenging obesity in Scotland

Scotland’s Weight

Normal weight is no longer normal. In Scotland, more people are overweight or obese than a healthy weight. The impact of this on our nation’s health and well-being now and into the future is not easily overstated. And general understanding and awareness of this problem has certainly shifted in the past couple of years, which is always a good start. At Cancer Research UK we have a particular interest. If you don’t smoke, then maintaining a healthy weight is most important thing you can do to stack your odds against cancer. Overweight and obesity is linked to 13 cancers and it’s now a top priority for us.

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Junk Marketing – No Thank YOU

I saw an exciting news item for health and cancer risk reduction in the new Government programme for work in 2017-18 (A nation with Ambition). On page 95 (yes, you have to scroll quite far) I saw this announcement:

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Changing our Culture of Excess

by Louise Codling, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at World Cancer Research Fund.

Our analysis of global research shows strong evidence that being overweight or obese is linked to an increased risk of several cancers. These findings come at a time when there is a growing trend of overweight and obesity around the world. Globally there are around 1.9 billion people who are overweight or obese, and this number is increasing in both higher and lower income countries. It is clear that more needs to be done to tackle overweight and obesity by reducing the amount of unhealthy food that people eat. However this is incredibly complex and requires action at every possible level, from government right down to the individual.

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Our obesogenic, carcinogenic environment – a legacy for our children

The relationship between obesity and cancer has been well described…and well ignored! Exposure to excess body fat will contribute to increased risk of some of the most common cancers including bowel and breast. Yet, few agencies working in the cancer settings (including the NHS) bring this to the attention of the millions of people who are in contact with healthcare every day. Many think it is a duty of care for people to be given advice on how to “stack the odds” against cancer occurrence (and recurrence) and that we deny people the opportunity to be supported to reduce cancer risk.

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