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Sugar, Calories and Cancer

The only good news about sugar is that people are now talking about it loudly, often and with one voice. There is one clear message which says lets decrease our sugar intake. As far as we aware there are no DIRECT effects of sugar consumption on the development of cancer development but what about indirect effects?

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Time To Think About Our Risky Working Lives

I used to loathe exercise. I hate the competition, the changing into gym kit, the smell, and the enthusiasm of the people with good leg muscles. But one day, when my children were very wee and my two part time jobs were eating away my life, I needed to find something that would keep me sane, and counter-intuitive though it seemed at the time, I joined the Glasgow women’s jogging network. Run 2 minutes, walk 5 for around half an hour in the company of a coach (and other women also bordering on maternal madness).

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Healthy Meetings in Ten Lines

There is strong evidence that to reduce our risk of cancer, we need to move often, take at least 30 minutes of moderate to brisk exercise on five days of the week, stay within the healthy weight range, eat more wholegrain, fruit and vegetables, and limit processed meats and alcohol.1

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