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Sugar, Calories and Cancer

The only good news about sugar is that people are now talking about it loudly, often and with one voice. There is one clear message which says lets decrease our sugar intake. As far as we aware there are no DIRECT effects of sugar consumption on the development of cancer development but what about indirect effects?

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Colorectal Cancer and Diabetes – Let’s Think it Through

A recent paper1 in the British Medical Journal on Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and cancer, reminds us of the significant relationship between colorectal cancer and metabolic abnormalities. Indeed, an accompanying editorial by Satija et al2 concludes that “because of the rising incidences of both diseases worldwide action is needed for both clinical and public health communities to follow appropriate cancer screening guidelines among people with diabetes with a greater emphasis on lifestyle modifications”. But no one says it is important that diabetes screening guidelines should be a followed among people with raised risk for colorectal cancer.

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