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Sugar, Calories and Cancer

The only good news about sugar is that people are now talking about it loudly, often and with one voice. There is one clear message which says lets decrease our sugar intake. As far as we aware there are no DIRECT effects of sugar consumption on the development of cancer development but what about indirect effects?

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Why aren’t we talking about Breast Cancer Prevention?

It never fails to amaze me how current evidence on lifestyle, and cancer prevention and lifestyle, is so rarely talked about outside academic life. If family and friends know that I research cancer prevention strategies they assume this involves genetics, laboratory investigations or testing special dietary regimens.

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Women and Alcohol

Sophistication and glamour, celebration and commiseration, sharing and caring… A few years ago these all sounded like good reasons to open a bottle, and enjoy a glass or two on a Saturday, or a Friday evening, or Sunday lunch, or gloomy Thursday, and maybe a Tuesday if the day had been long. In in my annual GP check, I always confess to no more than 14 units a week and feel smug. My practice nurse nods approvingly.

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Causes of Breast Cancer – don’t forget the work environment

When asked about causes of breast cancer, many people think about genetics and familial risk. This may, in part, be due to research in the area being dominated by SNP experts. Yet the proportion of breast cancer accounted for by an inherited faulty gene is less than 3%.1

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