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More than just knowledge – social influences, support structures and personal action

I am an avid twitter user, I am also a dietitian, I work in cancer services and I am employed by the NHS.

As a dietitian I work quite differently from a number of other health care professionals. My job is not to do things to people; it is to do things with people. In other words I pass on my knowledge and expertise, and then I encourage people to utilise it in a way that enables them to help themselves.

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Why aren’t we talking about Breast Cancer Prevention?

It never fails to amaze me how current evidence on lifestyle, and cancer prevention and lifestyle, is so rarely talked about outside academic life. If family and friends know that I research cancer prevention strategies they assume this involves genetics, laboratory investigations or testing special dietary regimens.

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Women and Alcohol

Sophistication and glamour, celebration and commiseration, sharing and caring… A few years ago these all sounded like good reasons to open a bottle, and enjoy a glass or two on a Saturday, or a Friday evening, or Sunday lunch, or gloomy Thursday, and maybe a Tuesday if the day had been long. In in my annual GP check, I always confess to no more than 14 units a week and feel smug. My practice nurse nods approvingly.

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Bowel Cancer – Can we do Better?

The good news about bowel cancer, is that current evidence suggests that 47% of the disease is preventable1, by attaining a healthy diet (high in wholegrains, beans and veggies and low in red meat and meat products), low alcohol intake (as low as possible), all sorts of physical activity (brisk walking, swimming, gentle jogs), and keeping trim. The bad news, is that few people seem to act on the evidence.

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From #Selfie to #HealthyShelfie

The world loves selfies but can this stretch to the shelfie? One of the aims of SCPN is to   raise awareness about the preventability of cancer and think about how the   environment around us can positively impact on our health and reduce disease risk.

During January we are focusing on the content of fridge shelves (#HealthyShelfie). We have asked/nominated folks to share their fridge contents with us and to illustrate all the lovely goodies that make up a healthy diet.

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