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Be Physically Active Every Day and Enjoy #AboutABike

The European Code Against Cancer site provides a clear message, a range of frequently asked questions and a link to the published evidence base on physical activity and cancer risk reduction. So if you plan to talk to folks about cancer prevention and the role of physical activity this is a perfect starting point.

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#AboutABike: City Cycling

I have always for as long as I can remember cycled in cities. As a medical student I bravely rode from University College Hospital in central London over Hampstead Hill to Golders Green. I rode come rain, come shine. It saved me so much money and kept me super fit. It cast a dice for future cycling adventures much later in my life; TransAmerica: Los Angeles to Boston, Cambodia, Rajasthan India, Austria and St Malo to Nice.

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#AboutABike – Not About Lycra


At an early age I remember crying myself to sleep after I overheard my parents’ conversation about getting me a “push bike”. I wanted a big bike, one on wheels that did not require pushing like a toddlers toy! A lovely real (second hand) bike did arrive complete with blocks on the pedals for my wee legs and so began my cycling history. I have owned a bike for almost 50 years (no longer with blocks) and (if asked) it would be high on the list of possible luxuries to take to a desert island.

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