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STOP, Swap and GO!

Autumn – the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – a season for reflection and preparation for the winter ahead.

October – the month to Stoptober, Go Sober and look out for #scpnswaptober

There is never a wrong time to quit smoking, reduce or quit alcohol and make changes for a healthy lifestyle. October is as good as any month to reflect and review, and this year there are even more reasons to do everything we can to build our resistance to illness. Lots going on with the Nation’s emotional and mental wellbeing, but being able to make one important change (whether it is stop or a modest swop) provides an opportunity to remember we do still have some control in our lives. 

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Wellbeing – Looking after yourself during a pandemic

Living life

When we juggle studies, work, childcare, finances, and now social distancing measures, it is easy to forget about looking after ourselves. Given the current situation, it is important that we use this time to focus on self-care activities like eating well and being active.

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Your Wellbeing during Lockdown

So here we are… COVID-19 Lockdown, Scotland, 2020

It feels strange to have not mentioned the ‘C’ word for a wee while but two things have always been at the forefront of our focus at SCPN; health and prevention. So for the month of May we will be focusing on another C word and will be offering tips and ideas on how to best navigate this #NewNormal and make sure we are putting our health first during COVID-19.

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Drinking during lockdown? – Alcohol and Coronavirus

How are you doing?… We are probably all feeling more stressed than usual.  As SeeMe, the mental health campaign, says: it’s okay to not be okay.  These are truly difficult times.  Like me, you may have lost someone you know to the virus, missed sharing a special occasion with family, or maybe finding it difficult to adjust to living within the confines of your home.  Perhaps you are a key worker, keeping the country going with essential supplies, bravery and care.  All of us need to take good care of ourselves and those around us, and to find ways of managing these new, intense pressures.

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A New Normal

It is not the time to be badgering people about healthy living, it’s just about living! It is also time to help create a new normality – maybe not forever, just long enough to make a difference. That difference has the potential to impact upon our family, friends and neighbours and might just help us get to grips with these strange and challenging times.

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