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The causes of cancer: implications for policy and practice

Professor Richard Martin, University of Bristol

Around 1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer in their lifetime (Cancer Research UK). Over 40% of cancers are linked to a combination of 14 major lifestyle and environmental factors that are potentially preventable. The Integrative Cancer Epidemiology Programme (ICEP) uses cutting edge statistical methods and genetic data on 10s to 100s of thousands of people to provide high quality evidence on: the causes of cancers; factors influencing the progression of cancer; new ways to predict who will develop or die from these cancers; and new ways to prevent cancer and its progression. 

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Netflix and Spin

I remember the feeling I had when I took my bike selfie below – it was the first time I had been on a bike ride for years … and I felt brilliant! The rain poured, the wind blew and my Raynaud’s stricken fingers were chalk white… but I reached my destination, and surprisingly I had 11 kilometres of fun along the way (and 11 kilometres of fun on my way home too!)

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Could electrically assisted bikes keep people active and healthier, for longer?

A quiet revolution is happening on our streets and in our countryside with the escalation in sales and use of electrically assisted bikes (e-bikes) with 60,000 purchased in the UK in 2019 alone, compared with 3 million regular bikes sold in the same time-period. Correctly called a pedelec (not to be confused with a pedalo – which is an altogether different form of activity), e-bikes are enabling people of all abilities to experience cycling whether for recreation, adventures, active commuting or shopping.

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My E-bike Changed My Life

It’s hard to imagine that only 3 years ago I gave up cycling all together, having been a keen cyclist throughout my whole life. At the age of almost 60, I now have chronic osteoarthritis in my right knee due to motor bike accidents when I was young and loads of hill running, hill walking and cycling.  Cycling (and walking) was causing a lot of pain in my knee, especially on long, hard cycle climbs. I even went as far as selling my carbon road bike and put my pride and joy mountain bike, a high-end, full-suspension bike, into storage.

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My E-bike Joy! – Nanette Mutrie

I have been a ‘commuting cyclist’ for most of my working life, wherever I lived and worked I have always tried to find a way to cycle to work – some exercise – not needing to use car – some clearing of thoughts- some fresh air- being my main motivators. All of these were high on my agenda. But now in my late 60s, but still working part-time I began to wonder about an e-bike.

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ABC – Activity, Bikes and Cancer Prevention #AboutABike

In 2015, I wrote a blog called #AboutABike which coincided with our social media campaign of the same name. I enjoyed reflecting about bikes in my family and my resistance to Lycra and the importance of being active every day. This year a new chapter opened in my cycling saga….

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Resistance exercise, anyone?

On a Saturday morning I would usually wear my exercise instructor’s hat for a ‘Move More’ or ‘CanDo’ session, both of which are initiatives for people living with and beyond cancer. These sessions have materialised thanks to the amazing efforts by Edinburgh Leisure, Macmillan Cancer Support, Teenage Cancer Trust, and the physiotherapy team of Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children. In the afternoon, I would then follow my own personal routine which would involve some running or resistance/strengthening exercises. Unfortunately, all these have been placed ‘on hold’ since March, and I find myself in front of a computer screen more often than ever.

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Wellbeing – Looking after yourself during a pandemic

Living life

When we juggle studies, work, childcare, finances, and now social distancing measures, it is easy to forget about looking after ourselves. Given the current situation, it is important that we use this time to focus on self-care activities like eating well and being active.

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Your Wellbeing during Lockdown

So here we are… COVID-19 Lockdown, Scotland, 2020

It feels strange to have not mentioned the ‘C’ word for a wee while but two things have always been at the forefront of our focus at SCPN; health and prevention. So for the month of May we will be focusing on another C word and will be offering tips and ideas on how to best navigate this #NewNormal and make sure we are putting our health first during COVID-19.

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