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Reflections on 31 days of a new decade – one drink at a time

Somewhere in a busy life, someone says ‘try something new’. The someone is me, telling myself ‘Slow down, look around at what you see and think hard about what the next decade could bring – do life differently’.

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Thinking Scottish – thinking alcohol

Alcohol consumption as a cause of cancer is clear. SHAAP present some stark figures in their latest update on alcohol and cancer with some good guidance on how health professionals can raise this topic in conversation. There is no one single way to decrease alcohol intake… Raising awareness, education and advice can be helpful – we all have a role to play. 

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New Year – new ideas #Dontpinkmydrink

Alcohol is everywhere. Whether we want to drink or not we are surrounded by constant prompts that alcohol should be part of our life, and never more so when it comes to celebrations and gift giving. Continue reading “New Year – new ideas #Dontpinkmydrink”

The enduring power of the stereotypical idea of the alcoholic.

Jim McCambridge, Professor of Addictive Behaviours and Public Health, University of York asks us (in a very timely manner) to stop and think about problem drinking. Continue reading “The enduring power of the stereotypical idea of the alcoholic.”

Paper of the Year 2018: Professor Linda Bauld

Nomination for paper of the year from Professor Linda Bauld, Univeristy of Edinburgh highlights the importance of alcohol availability in the role of alcohol consumption. Scotland has lead the way on minimum pricing – can we do more ?

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Giving – Fun and festive ideas without hangovers

The festive season is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing; our social calendars will become jam-packed with various Christmas celebrations, often involving alcohol. But for almost a third of under 25’s, other teetotallers across various age groups and designated drivers, this year will be a dry Christmas. Attitudes towards drinking are clearly changing which is excellent news because drinking less alcohol could prevent 12,800 cancer cases per year in the UK. Even for those wanting to drink a little less over the festive period, non-alcoholic drink choices are quickly becoming mainstream so it’s never been easier to get into the Christmas spirit without the hangover! Here are some brilliant alcohol-free suggestions covering all the festive celebrations you’ll encounter this December. Continue reading “Giving – Fun and festive ideas without hangovers”

Medical student: What the 12 codes against cancer taught me about cancer prevention

During first year of medical school, I walked in to my nutrition tutorial eating chocolate buttons and I was told off by the person undertaking the session. I proceeded to place the chocolate in my bag, listen to how we need to eat our “five a day” and minimise sugar intake and then left the class to finish off my chocolate. During the first three years of medical school, we are taught about a long list of conditions that result from an unhealthy lifestyle. This comes in contrast with the very little teaching we get on lifestyle modification. So, if my teaching on this topic is limited, how am I expected to embrace this lifestyle myself and subsequently deliver it effectively to my patients? Continue reading “Medical student: What the 12 codes against cancer taught me about cancer prevention”

Save Water, Drink Kombucha

I think most of us are aware by now that alcohol is harmful, in fact a survey in 2013 showed that 84% of Scots thought alcohol causes either a ‘great deal’ or ‘quite a lot of harm in Scotland.’ They’re correct to think this, however what may be less well known is the link between alcohol and cancer. Alcohol is carcinogenic, which means it causes cancer and in 2015 more than one in four alcohol related deaths were from cancer in Scotland. It is important to understand that no amount of alcohol is ‘safe’ and no type of alcohol is better or worse than another. Additionally drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancer whether you drink it all in one go or a bit at a time. Therefore for cancer prevention it’s best not to drink any alcohol. Continue reading “Save Water, Drink Kombucha”

Alcohol – Finding the off switch #SoberOctober

In casual conversation amongst a bunch of friends I recently heard three accounts of people (all aged over 65) who changed their thoughts about drinking… so I asked them to retell their stories for our blog. In sober October I find these tales of inspiration, and a reminder that moving to being a non drinker may well solve many of the challenges about drinking limits.

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