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Susan Moug

Susan Moug is a consultant colorectal surgeon in Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, a NRS Career Researcher Fellow and currently Principle Investigator of the CSO funded study, The REx Trial, assessing the feasibility of performing a walking intervention in patients with rectal cancer.

Professor Susan Moug, colorectal surgeon shares some of her looking forward thoughts

NHS staff in all their many roles have been a key part of our survival in 2020. Whatever profession and what ever tasks have been needed we have seen the benefits of their work. Cancer diagnosis, treatments and care may have been reduced but new ways of working have also emerged and can provide helpful ways approach the challenges that 2021 will bring.

Professor Susan Moug, colorectal surgeon from Paisley shares some of her looking forward thoughts:

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Paper of the Year 2019: Miss Susan Moug

We asked our SCPN team and friends what they thought was the most interesting paper that had come across their desks this year. We asked Miss Susan Moug, consultant colorectal surgeon and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor based at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley to tell us her nomination for paper of the year. In reply, she sent us this thought provoking statistic from the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership.

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – What the public should know about bowel cancer

As part of Bowel Cancer Awareness month, we’re running a series of mini-blogs from cancer experts. Here’s the next instalment from consultant colorectal surgeon, Susan Moug.

What the public should know about bowel cancer –
It is very common in the U.K. It usually affects the over 50s, but can occur in younger people. It can cause unexplained changes in your bowel habit or bleeding that last for a few weeks.

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Laughing in the Rain

We love when someone offers to write a guest blog and we were particularly pleased when Ms Susan J. Moug, Consultant Surgeon and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley shared their experiences of running a walking group for survivors of colorectal cancer. Sounds like they had great fun along the way!


Last year the colorectal team at Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) Paisley started a 6-week walking programme for colorectal cancer survivors. Armed with the knowledge that increasing physical activity is beneficial for cancer survivors and with the success of programmes like we decided to put our best feet forward.

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Papers of the Year: Carcinogenicity of Consumption of Red & Processed Meat

Some papers are buried deep in journals and get little airtime… this summary paper which appeared in the Lancet generated more discussion on diet and cancer prevention than most things published this year and is the “paper of the year” for consultant colorectal surgeon Miss Susan Moug (Consultant Surgeon, The Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley; Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow)

Title: Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat.

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