May 2021 brought the latest report from Public Health Scotland on Cancer Incidence and Prevalence in Scotland

The good news is that over the last decade, the risk of developing cancer in Scotland fell by 5% in men. However, in the decade (from 2019) there were significant increases in rates of cancers of the prostate (up 11%), thyroid (up 42%), liver (up 24%), and kidney (up 21%) and malignant melanomas (up 21%) in Scottish men.

Liver, renal and aggressive prostate cancer are all related to excess body fat and in terms of prevention there is much we can do to reduce the risk of cancer in our friends, sons, husbands, partners, brothers, uncles, and fathers.

Stop for a minute and think about what Fathers’ Day present you might be planning – is it alcohol or calorie focused or is it motivational, supportive and creative to show your love in a practical way. 

The men’s health forum provides some great ideas for helping men to healthier ways of life. This year for men’s health week, Men’s Health Forum have some nice suggestions for mental and physical well-being and connecting with the world. Can you promote the Can Do challenge?

Connect with other people ( on an old friend) #connectmonday

Be Active- move your body (e.g. go for a run/walk/stretch) #activetuesday

Notice – take notice of what is around you (e.g. turn off your phone) #noticewednesday

Discover – learn something new (e.g. open a new website/nook) #discoverthursday

Offer (or give) – to do something for someone else (e.g. volunteer for a community group) #offerfriday

Some great ways to widen horizons from the next pint!

Annie S. Anderson