As well as championing Cancer Prevention, the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network is also committed to taking care of our whole health. We have been whipping around the zoom-room asking some of our staff and supporters for how they manage daily stress and sharing ideas for keeping a healthy body and mind.

Tidying is a great distraction – take time to go tidy your workspace. It’s amazing how quickly items gather on our desk, even when working from home. Clear out pens that don’t work, notepads that are not in use, anything else that you don’t need or taking up unnecessary space.

A quick 15 minute stroll is great for re-calibrating your focus. Try to schedule 15 minutes into your daily plan. A fresh air break and a good leg stretch will give your mind and body a boost.

I’ve been working all day but all I’ve done is respond to emails” – is this a familiar tale?! How many times do you get hooked into replying to emails when you are supposed to be working on a particular task? Make use of delaying emails. The beauty in delaying emails to be sent is that you can check the task off your to-do list and not be sat waiting for an instant response (we are all guilty of doing this!) allowing us to put our full attention onto our next task. 

Set micro boundaries: Triggers for stress come from our phones and tablets – we are constantly reminded of tasks that need to be done – it’s distractions that impair our focus and reduce our productivity. Notifications take our attention and enjoyment away from downtime too – who watches TV without checking their phone? Probably very few of us. Flight mode is an excellent way to ‘escape’ from the cyber world. Schedule one-two hours a day of your phone being on flight mode and disconnect from distractions.

Focus on the positives: Increase positive emotions by noting one thing you appreciate each day. Increasing your level of positive emotion can be another important step in balancing emotions overall and in helping the mind function in a more open and responsive way.

Make sleep a priority: Sleep is essential for clearing the mind, it helps you process all that you have learned the day before and is essential for good brain and body function the following day. Prioritise sleep quality by adopting a consistent bedtime that ensures you get the right length of sleep to rejuvenate your mind and body each night.

Connect with people: A good support network of colleagues, friends and family can ease your troubles and help you see things in a different way.

To Do List: If things are feeling overwhelming make a to do list, more often than not you will realise it isn’t as bad as you think once it is down on paper and not swimming around your head.

If you’re really stuck in a rut…

Take up Boxing: If you really need to up the ante on taking out your frustrations, there is no better feeling.

Lauryn Monahan, Social Media/Comms for SCPN