Health has been centre stage for the past year.  I feel perhaps like many others, I have done a full 360o in terms of my mindset and mental health. When the pandemic hit and Scotland announced its first lockdown we were all a bit shook as to the speed of the sweeping deadly virus Covid-19. The uncertainty and powerlessness of the situation led my mood to spiral and I began comfort eating for the FIRST time in my life. How did I not notice? Emotional eating wasn’t a typical habit of mine. The whole world seemed to have gone to pot. Nothing was normal. I couldn’t see my family. I couldn’t see my friends. Everyone seemed to become really busy. My little boy was growing up fast and I couldn’t share this with anyone. In hindsight I guess I used food as a source of comfort in a time I felt unable to cope. Single parenting a toddler, with no respite, during a pandemic has certainly been tough.

Fast forward to the present day, with lockdown fatigue at its peak, I’m dealing with things differently I have found nourishing my body and getting a decent bit of exercise in each day has entirely changed my mindset. Yes, like all parents I feel exhausted but I have learnt to recognise my stress and anxiety and tackle it in a healthy way rather than reaching for the biscuits. My energy levels have soared.

So what’s the best gift you can give to a mother this Mother’s Day? She needs a bit of time to herself every now and then. We need to change the expectation that mothers can be full-time parents, as well as work, cook, clean and homeschool. Us mums love providing for our children but we do need a break.

A mum is for life, not just for Mother’s Day.

We cannot pour from an empty cup.

So, Mother’s Day will not be spent eating choccies or sipping pink alcoholic drinks. I will spend it in a way which best serves my health by relaxing, being present and making the right decisions for my family. When I started working with SCPN in 2019, I was shocked to learn that the majority of women’s cancers are obesity related. Since becoming a mum, it has brought the concept of prevention into the forefront of my lifestyle choices. I want to keep doing the job I am doing in good health. My thoughts will be with those who cannot share a hug or spend the day together this year as it can be such a difficult day for many.

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Lauryn Monahan, SCPN Social Media/Comms Officer