Who would have thought on Hogmanay 2019 when we all said “Happy New Year” that we would have a year like 2020 and that the expression “I wouldn’t touch him/ her with a 6 foot barge pole” would become a global policy!  Although I missed out on planned trips to Mallorca, San Francisco, Copenhagen and Texas in 2020, this gave me more time and energy (with my lockdown puppy – a cocker spaniel called Beara) to explore the beauty surrounding my home in Perthshire I even ventured further afield on my road bike during lockdown while the roads were empty of cars and did some wild swimming in Loch Garton. Another unexpected highlight of 2020 was being able to quickly set up a clinical trial and service supported by Macmillan and funded by the Lottery to provide online exercise/ nutritional and emotional support for people affected by cancer during COVID19 pandemic.  This SafeFit trial is continuing to recruit participants (anyone with a diagnosis of cancer in the UK) in 2021 who may feel that they would benefit from 6 months of sessions to support them through 2021 – application and info at https://safefit.nhs.uk.  And my plan for 2021?  I aim to put the swimming, cycling and running together and try a triathlon!