“Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.”

– Giada De Laurentiis

This year, food hasn’t really had the chance to bring us together. The zoom dinner party,  outdoor picnics, garden barbeques and take away food just doesn’t give us warmth and nourishment for the soul. Working in the field of nutrition and health we are very conscious of the potential  impact of dinner on our bodies … but this year our horizons have broadened to remember what being together and eating together means on many different levels. 

Lorraine Tulloch from Obesity Action Scotland reflects and has a very clear and simple vision for 2021…

“Our dining table is a good indicator of the pattern of our life.  Normally at Christmas and New Year it is fully extended to accommodate all the family, birthday parties see it moved against the wall to clear the floor space, Friday nights see it spring to life with our children and our nieces and a sense of excitement and anticipation of the weekend. It is a place to share food and company and laughter. In 2020 its purpose changed.  It was a school desk, a work desk and an iPad station that we crowded round for our exercise classes and our family zoom calls.  It saw more jigsaws, Lego, board games, glue and paint than a normal year. I look forward to the days when we once again pull out the spare chairs, extend the table and enjoy good food together with all our family”. 

And said in a different way… by Jim Carruth

the long bench

For the times ahead
when we will be

as if at either end
of the long bench

where distance kept
is love’s measure

and death dances
the space between

when words alone
are not enough

and queued memories
reach out to touch

let longing be a store
of nut and seed

that grows each day
in strange hibernation

readying for its end –
the sharing of the feast.