In 2015, I wrote a blog called #AboutABike which coincided with our social media campaign of the same name. I enjoyed reflecting about bikes in my family and my resistance to Lycra and the importance of being active every day. This year a new chapter opened in my cycling saga….

All our flights were cancelled and June came and went living in our 5 mile radius. Planning a holiday seemed pointless and instead we enjoyed planning garden developments, getting out and about by foot and round-trip bicycle rides.

This summer, more and more people seem to be out and about on bikes on our country roads – always someone to wave to (in a socially distanced manner). We did notice however, that people looked suspiciously happy on the hill roads and concluded that this might be something to do with more chunkier bikes *with neatly packaged little batteries!*. Long discussions followed about being faithful to our push bikes, the need for greater exercise when the birthday cards all have 60+ on them (and thus greater cancer risk) and how quickly you can get warm cycling on a gradient (even in Scotland).  

Between  March 11th and May 22nd I avoided entering any shop. All essentials could be delivered or I could collect from outside the premises, but then the temptation became too great and the first shop I went to after my 10 weeks at home was the Cycle Hub in Coupar Angus. In a 2 metre distanced approach, I quickly accessed an e-bike and headed for the hills for a trial whizz on a chilly Perthshire day. Within an hour my deposit was paid and within a week our day-trip holidays were planned. The economic forecasting looked good – rail journeys to Edinburgh, tram fares, flights, transfer busses probably amounted to about half the cost of the bike (and then there are high days and holidays in the months ahead).

Slightly anxious about getting lazy, our trips to date, are about double the time of normal cycles so our wee legs are getting plenty of movement and resistance exercise – especially when we compete to see how far up the hills we can go on the “off” position. This summer is different and not all fun but my e-bike is a new find and friend, which I feel very glad to have met.

There are lots of reasons to try e-bikes and rediscover the pleasure of cycling. Being active everyday is an important recommendation for cancer prevention. This blog is the first of four on why e-bikes can help get and keep people active.

Annie S. Anderson

Images: Author’s own and Unsplash