So here we are… COVID-19 Lockdown, Scotland, 2020

It feels strange to have not mentioned the ‘C’ word for a wee while but two things have always been at the forefront of our focus at SCPN; health and prevention. So for the month of May we will be focusing on another C word and will be offering tips and ideas on how to best navigate this #NewNormal and make sure we are putting our health first during COVID-19.

We all know the drill at this point of lockdown, and it won’t be the first time we have promoted ‘prevention is key’ (as you know we are huge advocates here!) We’re here to provide bitesize chunks of health and wellbeing advice, bringing you a #3oclockthought everyday throughout May. Our #3oClockThought will be easy to digest simple ideas to help us smash lockdown however long we are here for. 3’oclock might be the time of day you start to look forward to your evening of start to lose a bit of steam. It is important to remind ourselves that how we go about our day-to-day lives has changed but we can still continue with simple routines which can make all the difference. Think positively about the things you can do and feel good about what you have achieved in your day. Everyone recognises these are strange and unprecedented times so be kind to yourself.

Look out for our #3oClockthought on Twitter and Instagram @thescpn and if you have a top tip for lockdown let us know!, #3oClockThought is open to all we want to hear from you too, so come and join the conversation by helping others by helping ourselves.

#ANewNormal #StayHomeStaySafe

Images: Own and Unsplash