Happy New Year!! … Welcome to a new decade and new thinking about old ways. 

Many of us will start the year planning new rules, new diets, new activity routines and dry Januarys. The SCPN has enjoyed promoting “healthy shelfie” in January asking followers to take a good look inside their fridge for healthy choices. At the start of this new decade we are focussing on something different, something that will be with us now and in all our futures.

#Recipeforafuture is more than a menu item it is a recipe for helping planet health and individual well-being including cancer prevention. Building on the Eat Lancet commission report which sets out guidance on what is a healthy, sustainable diet we want to think how we can get there – what does eating well mean in terms of everyday changes in food habits. Thinking global health, means we need to think wider than our plate and consider how we produce, transport, consume and waste food and drink. It means planning meals where plants are the new main course, wholegrains are core and a huge variety of fruits and vegetables are provided along small amount of meat, dairy and seafoods. It means staying away from ultra-processed choices, saturated fats and refined grains and added sugar.

During 2020 we will be focusing on thinking differently about food. This month we focus on plant based main courses meals where meat and dairy are the garnish, with local ingredients where possible and as little processed foods as possible. The recipes are simply ideas and suggestions the real challenge is how one resolution at a time we can help to reduce the demand for a food system that has created  major harm to our planet and global health.

Look out for our recipe tweets during January (#recipeforeafuture).

Here are my own personal New Year/New Decade resolutions:

  1. Buy less – do we really need 3 big (natural!) yoghurt cartons every week?
  2. Eat less –  ask for small portions when eating out.
  3. Waste less – reduce the size of our food cycling bin.
  4. Perfect one new wholegrain recipe every month.
  5. Make sure that global food system change stays on every nutrition agenda.

We would love to know about your resolution – together we can help to make a difference


Annie Anderson