Hospitality doesn’t have to mean being over generous. Encouraging over eating is unkind to the 65% of adults in Scotland who live with excess body fat … many of whom face a daily struggle to walk away from large portions, alluring promotions and every day, every place offerings of calorie dense foods. Being overweight and obesity increases risk for 13 cancer types and yet all around there are superb attempts to get us to eat more and more.

Mid-morning or end of the working day, not quite time for your evening meal … passing by the shops, cafes, railway trolleys, craving something little just to see you through .. what do YOU see ? 

To see ourselves as other see us, we asked Stephanie Bearman a recent dietetic graduate on a scholarship with us from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada to tell us what she saw of the Scottish foodscape… Here are her pictures …

Readers we invite you to send us your photo of the food environments you would like to see changed. Use the hashtag #portiondistortion and tag us in your social media posts too.

Recent government consultations and promises of meaningful legislation provide real hope for changing our food environment. Whilst we await the slow change of policy implementation Scotland the country of generous proportions awaits.