There is no doubt that if you really want a quick check on the diet of a household just open the fridge door and look inside ….dxbxqikwwaepuwz

How would you rate your fridge contents for the following basics? Do you have a greater number of items to enjoy compared to the number of items to limit?

Items to enjoy (Can you score 8/8?)

Yes please to……

  • Homemade soup
  • Beanie, lentil, pulse dishes – home prepared – ready to cook for dinner (or left overs from a big homemade cook up?)
  • Pulse based dips (such as hummus)
  • Fish –ready to increase fish oil intake
  • White meat such as chicken
  • Veggies – lots … especially green, salads etc.

(watch out for potatoes – keeping in the fridge increases acrylamide levels

  • Fruits
  • Water – pure and simple2015-01-28 13.24.16

Items to limit (can you score 8/8?)

No thank you to……

  • Butter or other solid fats (or none because oil is kept out of the fridge)
  • Full fat milks (do you have lower fat milk?)
  • Cheese – (do you have low fat cheddar? Cottage cheese?)
  • Full fat, full sugar yoghurt (do you have plain natural yoghurt?)
  • Red meat – (or small amounts only)
  • Processed meat like bacon, pies, and sausages (surely not!)
  • Sweetened drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks

Lots of other foods lurk in the fridge, like herbs, ginger, lemons or chocolate and sweets, but basics are basics…..

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