In casual conversation amongst a bunch of friends I recently heard three accounts of people (all aged over 65) who changed their thoughts about drinking… so I asked them to retell their stories for our blog. In sober October I find these tales of inspiration, and a reminder that moving to being a non drinker may well solve many of the challenges about drinking limits.

Here is Margaret’s journey….

“My story is quite simple.

I had some rather high blood pressure readings. I came home from two weeks in France and couldn’t get in to my everyday jeans. I realised that I had several occasions whilst in France that I could not remember getting home and felt dreadful for most of the next day.

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I decided that in order to lose the weight I would need to do something. I have a reasonable diet and don’t eat all that much so it had to be the drink that had done it. The blood pressure was contained with medication but I had a concern.  Also I never wanted to have that awful morning after feeling again.  I seem in certain circumstances not to have an “off” switch.


It seemed to me easier to give up altogether.  As to friends reactions? I didn’t “come out” to begin with. It was quite easy to say I was driving. Also I don’t share my personal decisions or medical issues easily.

So eventually I had tell friends that I was not drinking any more because I began to lose weight quite steadily. This was, much to my delight and envy of  some friends still “on the sauce.”

It will be three years in October since I stopped drinking alcohol.  I have very occasionally a very weak spritzer. I do not miss the taste of wine or gin and when I look at friends who are “over refreshed” I can still remember how it felt and I do not want to feel like that ever again”.