This month we are continuing our theme of #Beingphysicallyactiveineverydaylife as recommended by the European Code against Cancer.  Walking is still my first choice – every day I strive to attain 10,000 steps but there are other ways to be active and increasingly as I watch my neighbours aged 70+ glide around in the local dance sessions I realise how much fun physical activity is without any sense of sport of competition. So, I thought I should share with you my career as a dancer!

Imagination, music and a desire to move…. Always there, always waiting for the moment…

Posing as a ballet dancer

Age approximately 6yrs old, posing for a rare camera shot in my wee kilt and posing as a ballet dancer- I remember it so well, hands poised, head lifted… graceful and beautiful. Funnily enough that’s not quite what the photo shows, but in my head I was a dancing star just like the dancing star my mother must have been in her photo “getting ready for the dance”.

My mother getting ready for the dance


Scroll down the years to the school gym (and canteen) and dance practice for the school party. The gym teacher (ex-army), shouting left, turn, figure of 8 as I go right, cross and turn…. Always right never left… a career of imperfection. But then the magic years of discos and free form and dancing to Van the Man…. In my own in the kitchen or in the lounge as I kill the 20 minutes between dropping one child off and picking up the next from ….  highland dancing classes.

Highland dance classes

Then returning to Scottish country dancing in Angus in mid life… still two left feet and terrified at all those perfect dancers knowing the turns or consulting the green book. Finally relaxing, going with the flow a great dancing partner and friends who also have a collection of leftish feet.

A great dance partner

Now …. Give me a chance- disco, rock, bagpipes …. Just getting up and moving, rocking and pointing those feet – who cares about the detail – it’s fun, its active and it’s me!

Being physically active is fun