Remember those days we used to give big boxes of cigarettes as Christmas presents to the aunts and uncles who smoked? Maybe you don’t, because our culture around tobacco has actually changed!

But I am sure you will recall seeing bumper boxes of chocolates being given to colleagues, friends, and family who struggle with their weight or those extra bottles of fizzy gifts in December. Scots are known for hospitality and generosity and as often happen the poorest give most (my mother would turn in her grave if she knew I did not bring packets of biscuits with me when visiting friends). No one wants to be a kill joy (I still want a box of chocs at Christmas but not 10 boxes!!) and sharing “goodies” is part of the enjoyment of families and friends.


But can we tip the cultural norms just a wee bit? There are many great ideas for gifts that would bring joy to the heart (but not our weight or liver). We have been asking SCPN friends for some ideas on alternative gifts… that could just help to tip the balance of our cultural obsession with excess consumption. We have so many ideas we are spreading our thoughts over 4 blogs. Enjoy, share and be kind…

What can you give those busy health care colleagues, work mates and secret Santa gifts to dilute the boxes of biscuits and chocolates but still have something to share?

  1. Christmas novelty gifts – a selection of reindeer antlers, Santa wig, merry flashing ear rings, decorative gloves, Santa hats, moustache pack, all delivered in a Santa red fleece Christmas sack.
  2. Relax/care hamper – selections of mini bath oils, bath bombs, bubble baths, rubber ducks, tea lights.
  3. Go with a bang- crackers– big, little, cheap, expensive (party hats essential).
  4. Balmy selection – lip balms for all.
  5. Dream away luxury – a subscription to a travel magazine for the staff room.
  6. Light up the moment- mini coloured glass candle holders with a night light for all.
  7. Commuting– hand warmers for the bus user, hi-vis additions for the cyclist, gift card and recommendation for useful APPS.
  8. Book of inspirational quotes -for that long working day.
  9. A super-duper basket of fresh fruits.
  10. Clear baubles for hanging on the Christmas tree filled with dried spice packs of the season (cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, cloves, and ginger).