There are good reasons why it is illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under 18.

Adolescents get dependent on nicotine faster than adults do, so the younger you start smoking the harder it is to give up in later life. The earlier a smoker starts the more health harm results, and with the cost to the average smoker being £1600 a year the financial damage quickly mounts up.

Yet some people are willing to buy tobacco for young people because they think they are doing them a favour.

We need to challenge those views, and make it clear that giving tobacco to young people is helping them into addiction, ill health and money worries.


That is why SCPN has signed up to support the #notafavour campaign to stop young people being given tobacco.

36 young people in Scotland take up smoking every day, most of them getting their cigarettes from friends, family or other people they know. In other words people who will care about their health, wealth and well-being.

These people need to know that buying tobacco for young people is not doing them a favour.

To support the campaign SCPN will be sharing tweets throughout November to raise awareness for this important message.

You can go to to find out more, to access a range of free materials and sign up to do your bit to help.

This campaign is part of a wider effort for Scotland to become “tobacco-free” by 2034 – to get behind Scotland’s movement for a tobacco-free generation find out how you can support Scotland’s Charter for a tobacco-free generation