Office jobs are a diverse family; you might be a receptionist, an accountant, a marketing director, or you might even be a blog writing aficionado. Within the variety of roles that are available, there is a common physical restriction; sitting down. Many of us will relish in the fact that sitting down is part of our job, but don’t get too comfortable; the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) have explored the health risks of sedentary behaviour and suggest that any type of physical activity is advantageous to our health.

For many of us, exercise costs time and money; the cost of a gym membership or class, walking there (not getting the bus, definitely not), spending (half) an hour exercising, showering and of course walking back again. Fortunately for some of the lesser Olympians among us, exercise is used to maintain physical fitness and is only a subcategory of physical activity. Physical activity can consist of simply getting away from your desk; stretching, walking and even standing. Whether you want to take on some physical exercise or just up your activity for the day, there is a cost effective solution for all.


The amount of moderate physical activity that is recommended per week is 150 minutes. I forgive you for assuming that climbing the stairs won’t contribute much to that goal – I too initially rolled my eyes – but in reading the evidence, stair climbing is actually considered vigorous exercise and even burns more calories than jogging. There are many ways to improve your likelihood of climbing the stairs at the office (have a look at this website for a few ideas).  Additionally, while binge watching your favourite show you need only think of the money you’ll save on stepping equipment and exercise videos (not to mention staying in your pyjamas) if you have a stay-at-home stair session. Break up your sedentary behaviour hugely by always taking the stairs.