tobacco-free generation in Scotland by 2034.Once again the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network has invited members, colleagues and regular SCPN newsletter contributors to recommend what they have been reading on cancer prevention during 2016. We’ve asked each one to recommend the paper they thought would be most valuable to share. This paper has been nominated by Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Scotland.

Title: Cigarette Smoking and Mortality in Adults Aged 70 Years and Older: Results From the NIH-AARP Cohort

Authors: Nash, S.H. et al.

Source:  American Journal of Preventative Medicine, November 2016


Why is this paper important?

These data show that age at smoking initiation and cessation, both key components of smoking duration, are important predictors of mortality in U.S. adults aged 70 years and older. In this study population, younger age at initiation was associated with increased risk of mortality, highlighting the importance of youth and early-adult smoking on lifetime mortality risk, even among people who live to age 70 years. Furthermore, former smokers were at substantially reduced risk of mortality after age 70 years relative to current smokers, even those who quit in their 60s.

Main take home messages

Smoking cessation should be emphasized to all smokers, regardless of their age.

Preventing children and young people from taking up smoking remains a vital aim.


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