Spring has sprung and very welcome it is too. Nights are lighter, the weather’s a little better…and every single member of the human race has made their individual way to precisely the same outdoor places as me!

Pedometer at the ready and trainers replacing walking shoes, I have sallied forth to enjoy the return of life to trees and fields and enjoy this bright new aspect to 2016. At every bend I am assailed by cyclists of the high speed, rugged terrain and under 5 varieties. Runners tut and huff as they break stride to get around pedestrians, weans and dugs as they say in these parts. Room for all of us!!

This is no plea for calm and patience, but celebration of people enjoying being active in the great outdoors…from the low speed walkers who take time to smell the roses – to the lycra clad, high speed, version of the species! Never a dull moment in the parks – an evenings entertainment just to be part of an active Scotland!

– Kate Cunningham