‘Walking It Off’ is a phrase I have heard over the years and associated with footballers and the like, limping up and down the side-lines as they tentatively test some war wound or another, under the watchful gaze of their physio.


It seems slightly unbelievable that I now subscribe to precisely the same reason and urge you to take heed. After two large babies (the latest in myriad generations of international peasant farming stock) – and a lifetime of phone cradling, bag carrying and shocking posture – I have several creaky and sore joints that made me feel old and sad in a ‘that’ll be the rain coming’ sort of a way.

Chief among them was my right hip which has an intermittent ache that makes walking uncomfortable. That is to say it MADE walking uncomfortable right up until the 2 mile point where it magically now disappears. I have walk off an injury brought on by not walking! The same has happened with non-specific lower back pain and a clicky knee caused by my foot sticking to a railway station platform while the rest of me turned a sharp left for the exit.


Walk it off, people. You will be amazed.

– Kate Cunningham