Somewhere at the back of my mind I knew that I had read something that made me want to walk. It is a slam dunk, 100% dead cert that wasn’t any article or book written by an athletic sort beseeching us over-committed, footsore schlubs to join them in their quest for abs of steel. It wasn’t a stern warning in a health related publication, nor a yellow card from a health professional, but something that made me think it might actually be quite enjoyable.

Googling my usual sources of inspiration (Bette Midler and Cher) proved a bust, and so I waited for my unconscious inspiration to hove back into view. And hove, he did. By happy coincidence, Michael Moore reappeared on my Twitter feed this week and reminded me of the simple and utterly joyful addition to social media that is / was Walk with Mike.


I urge you to read his compelling case for pounding some pavements. Wherever your destination lies, my friend, give your tooshie a break and make it all about the journey!

– Kate Cunningham