As part of Bowel Cancer Awareness month, we’re running a series of mini-blogs from bowel screening experts from the University of Dundee’s Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening. Here’s the first instalment, from Professor Bob Steele.

I should like the public to be much more aware that bowel cancer in its early stages is often completely curable, and usually does not require chemotherapy.

I should like them to know that the treatment of early bowel cancer may not require surgery, and when it does, it can usually be achieved by minimal access techniques.  I should like them to know that early bowel cancer is associated with better outcomes than common conditions such as chronic bronchitis, heart disease and poor circulation.  Finally, I should like them to know that the most effective method of early detection is screening.

– Professor Bob Steele

Stay tuned throughout the week for further instalments. Each instalment will be viewable here ( and shared on our social media channels.