As part of Bowel Cancer Awareness month, we’re running a series of mini-blogs from bowel screening experts from the University of Dundee’s Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening. Here’s the first instalment, from Professor Callum G. Fraser.

I would like the wider public to be made much more aware of faecal immunochemical tests for haemoglobin (FIT).  FIT, which are easy for patients with symptoms to do using single-sample hygienic collection devices, provide inexpensive means to decide whether they have serious colorectal disease or not.

I think that greater awareness of FIT by patients and encouraging them to ask their GP for a FIT, even when they have mild symptoms, would contribute much to early detection of bowel disease and to patient satisfaction, as well as directing the scarce colonoscopy resource to those who would benefit most.

– Professor Callum G. Fraser

Stay tuned throughout the week for further instalments. Each instalment will be viewable here ( and shared on our social media channels.