Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

Will these rains never cease? Really though. I can walk in rain but gales are a whole new ball game. A childhood lived in a hurricane zone has left me a bit fearful of wind if I’m honest, and being blown about leaves me a quite panicked. Add to that a month of end to end meetings and deadlines…and I was facing some enforced inactivity.

I’m coming round to the fact that activity is the key here. If I can’t walk then I can still stay active. I spent a particularly tempestuous Sunday batch cooking (from my #healthyshelfie) followed by an enormous ironing. Add a spot of Mum dancing to the radio and I was on my feet for about 8 hours.

Weekdays were proving to be harder. I couldn’t even use my makeshift standing desk as I had books and papers and needed to have them spread around me on my desk for reference. I was scheduled to shuttle back and forth between Glasgow and Edinburgh and I knew I would struggle to achieve much activity…when an article I’d read came to mind.

The danger of inactivity can be somewhat counteracted by muscle use. With apologies in advance for the mental picture, I decided to clench and flex my way through January. While desk bound I mash two tennis balls under my feet using my muscles right up to my waist. On the train I clench my hip and thigh (and butt) muscles. Be careful doing this on alternate sides, you can work up to a pleasing marching rhythm but it looks pretty alarming judging by the faces of my fellow passengers. Sitting in meetings I roll my feet from ball to heel in opposite directions. Doing this while remaining still above table height uses abdominals as does pushing down on the table with your elbows while trying to raise your knees.

You’re welcome by the way. I like that I’ve found activities that require no perceptible movement. The old me is laughing at that.