Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

The best and easiest reason for not being active is scheduling. I am too busy, I have too many commitments, everything is more important and on and on. There are many well written, well thought out articles and advice about how to get moving, how to fit things in and how to change your mind-set. I have found some of it helpful and some of it interesting but by and large I have found most of it to be self-serving, lacking in understanding and compassion and worst of all completely off putting.

For what it is worth I have a theory that activity co-ordinators, officers et al should not be former Olympians and Saturday Iron Man participants. They should be people who have gone from semi-permanent, semi-recumbence to joggers, gym goers, exercise DVD users, walking group organisers and any other motivated but mortal individual who can really feel the pain of the frightened and the overwhelmed.

The key to changing people’s habits is not to issue them with a training schedule for participation in a 10K. We have to start meeting people at the corner of the road and walking alongside them, making use of the streets, the parks and the shoes that we have. Let’s start by promising to help someone we know without using the word equipment. Or schedule. We can embed meaningful habits with the next generation but let’s not lose this one to well-meaning triathletes because I really think its fine to think Lorraine Kelly rather than Andy Murray. It’s working for me!


Give parkrun a go – everyone from the oldest to the youngest and even the dog is welcome!

– Kate Cunningham