Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

The weather isn’t improving. My ad hoc walking wardrobe is a bit on the light side and I’ve ended up cutting a few walks short recently because I was too cold or soaked through. A pair of inexpensive but decent walking shoes keep my feet warm and dry. My waxed coat (with apologies to my late father who made me promise never to wear it in public) is great in rain and passable in the cold, I recommend it to anyone stuck for a work and weekend option that wasn’t invented by NASA. That and my quilted jacket are both more than 20 years old thereby proving that new and special kit is most definitely not required for this activity lark.

The singular revelation, the bolt from the blue and life changing epiphany that has me back on track and embracing the season is this: A hat. Purple with a bobble if you are interested. A hat keeps you warmer than clothes alone. A hat is comfier than a hood when walking long distances. A hat hides terrifying bed head from the unwary. A hat and comfortable shoes. If I had known that so little was required for so much gain, I’d have been doing this my whole life.

purple bobble hat

– Kate Cunningham