Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

When change occurs it is interesting to go back and identify those thoughts and events which brought it about. A few years ago I was at a meeting with Glasgow Life, the part of the local authority that looks after sport and culture. The meeting was in a grim office building near the Tron but was high enough to afford a rare vista of that part of the city.

My colleague and I rose to the top floor inside an ancient ‘Are You Being Served’ style lift and were met by a Glasgow Life staff member full of the joys of competing her first 10K. It was a good meeting, full of positive thinking and we left with a spring in our step. The lift was adjacent to the stairwell and between the two was a poster that I really wish I had photographed.

2. HS_StairClimbingPosters A4 11-122It showed the number of stairs to the ground floor and then listed what you would achieve in equivalence by climbing them every day, culmination in ascending Everest if you climbed them every working day in a year. That statistic demonstrates two things. One, there were a lot of stairs and two, imagine the fun you could have doing by always taking the stairs and keeping a note to see what you were achieving indoors and without much additional effort. I started taking the stairs to add to the omnipresent pedometer tally but I quickly began to enjoy how much easier it gets the more you climb. I like feeling my muscles work and sometimes I even enjoy setting off towards intimidating staircases, like the Waverley Station steps in Edinburgh, at a good pace and keeping it going to the top step. I’m breathless and really feeling it by Princes Street but that’s a good achievement and another down payment on my future health. Honourable mention to whoever sends in a picture of the Glasgow Life poster or anything similar. Who fancies some indoor Munro bagging?

– Kate Cunningham