Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

The problem is that, initial euphoria apart, I am a city girl and walking in streets and amongst buildings will always be my happy place. I am frequently surprised by people’s reaction to this revelation but I do think that steps walked in town feel different and pass more quickly than ‘proper walking’ steps. Last year I spent a day in London as I do from time to time. I started early, airport to airport, then DLR to the City for a round of meetings.

A little jiggery pokery with my schedule allowed for a few hours of shopping before meetings some pals and returning to the airport. The point being that in 15+ hours, despite flights, trains and meetings, I did 27,200 steps. That is one enormous hike. The type we might only do on long weekends or holidays but chopped up between other things it passed almost without being noticed. It certainly wasn’t the point of the day!

This is the thing I’d love to tell people. We can prevent cancer by getting on our feet. It doesn’t have to be running a 10K, joining a gym or getting up at dawn to wear special clothes. Make it your quest to find those extra 5000 steps that pass without you noticing. I promise they are waiting to be found in your schedule!

Try walking instead of hopping in a cab!

– Kate Cunningham