Another installment of Kate Cunningham’s Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian….

And there I was, bright eyed and bushy tailed with the zeal of the convert. Certain I had caught the activity bug and I was genuinely keen as mustard to get my trainers on every day and see those steps click up. Then the endless, dry and temperate Autumn ended. As an eternal, born-not-created optimist I had anticipated that winter would provide a different walking environment and I was not wrong. I live in Glasgow and Autumn 2015 apart, it rains here a lot of the time.

I have found that walking in town, between shops, meetings and trains stations is pretty similar no matter the weather. Simply put, dry is best but rain isn’t too bad when you are walking in shorter bursts between buildings and as I always carry an umbrella no special equipment is required. For the walking-averse I would say that adding walks in and amongst your working day is the easiest place to get moving.

Get the right shoes (I’ve said it before and I’ll doubtless say it again) and look for opportunities to take the stairs, get off the bus early, walk to meetings where you might have grabbed a cab, walk DURING meetings when there are two or three of you. Discussion is not inhibited by walking, who knew?

Try a walking meeting!

– Kate Cunningham