The next installment from Kate Cunningham in her Confessions of a Converted Pedestrian series.

As I left behind the habits of a lifetime I started to think differently. You can be busy and productive and still make time for walking. I write a lot. I enjoy it and it seeks me out no matter where I hide so it part of my working life now. Like many who write I sometimes suffer from the tyranny of the blank page and the challenge of getting it out of my head and onto paper. Rather marvellously I find that walking helps this process.

As I add daily walks for groceries, bank, cobbler and dentist to my routine I find that on returning I can write quickly without recourse to the grimacing and multiple false starts. Working from home helps but then I miss out on other activities like a daily commute, lunchtime walks and having to get dressed.

A consistent fault line has now appeared in my work and meeting schedule however. I find myself seeing opportunities for walking but disregarding them because work clothes necessitate heels and heels require planning. And sitting. I have a meeting in Stirling and a bit of internet research shows that I could walk to the venue from the station via all manner of lovely roads and views but the distance is prohibitive in shoe terms. I appreciate this sounds like a woman thing but bear with me. If I am reasonably ambivalent about other people’s footwear, might it be possible to work in genuinely comfortable shoes? It turns out the answer is yes and I’m consistently reaching 6000+ steps a day with this revelation.

Choosing the right shoes is key!

– Kate Cunningham